Among Us | Ultimate Cartoon Compilation

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Credits Music from KawaiSprite (free download)


Over 30 minutes of AMONG US animated goodness, here's the backstory:

Newgrounds (that's us) hosted an Among Us animation jam, the theme was "The Purple Imposter".

The Among Us Devs, long time Newgrounders, contributed a generous $3,000 towards prizes!

Over 200 entries were entered, these are some of the community's top rated picks!


INDIVIDUAL CARTOON LISTING (in order of appearance)

0:19 "Among Us In 30 Seconds" - IanZeep

0:52 "Purple" - SailLaser

2:05 "Astronaut's Quarrel" - StaggerNight

5:01 "Among Us: The Incredible Story" - ChrisShwafer

6:18 "The Imposter Among Us" - cool-beens

9:19 "Purple Peril" - Kyskke

10:34 "Everybody Loves Purple!" - Doggybag

15:57 "Transformation Short" - JaceyKing

16:16 "Among those that stink" - Saltbeast

18:18 "Purple Impostor Jam Celebration" - Crazyapple

18:56 "Purple Velocity" - Crossburn

21:07 "The Purple Imposter" - Potatoman

24:31 "Among Us Struggles" - Shadok

25:22 "NERVE PARTY" - Jonarock

33:25 "Amoung Us in a nutshell" - 8BitAnt

Thumbnail art by IvanAlmighty

Opening animation/transition/editing by PhantomArcade

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